June 5, 2013 – Time to Get This Blog A-Rolling!

When I launched my web site, I wasn’t sure if I’d include a blog. I didn’t know just what I’d include that doesn’t already get posted on Facebook or Twitter.

Strangely, a few ideas popped into my head this week – some helpful hints that I’ll be sharing, “Another Happy Couple” stories that expand beyond my usual congratulations, other happenings, updates, offers and, well, whatever seems appropriate to share!

So for today, I’ll start with some updates & happenings!

First, I need to give a tremendous HUZZAH and THANK YOU to Ships Ahoy by Jen! Jen Ponton just designed new promo cards for me, and the shipment of them came in today! Here’s what they look like:

PromoCardsFrontPromoCardsBackJen set me up with an account on VistaPrint, which offered me sweet a deal on business cards, so I ordered some of them as well, and they came in today too!

BizCardsThe timing was PERFECT, as I needed to mail these materials today to the awesome Marni Gold for the Women in Weddings Conference, as I am a Swag Bag Sponsor! I’m very grateful to have my services advertised to women in the Tri-State Area who work in the wedding industry, from newbies to veterans!

Well, that’s it for now. I look forward to blogging my next post soon!

Rev. Brian

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