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September 12, 2014 – Engagement Season is Coming!

EngagementI’m going to address my club of Happy Couples today.

As the holidays approach, more couples get engaged than any other time of year. Chances are someone you know will be getting engaged very soon, or maybe they already have!

If you were happy with the services I have provided for you (and from the feedback you have given me, I am confident that you were), I’d love to offer both you and your friends/family members/co-workers/whoever something very special!

What’s in it for them?

For any couple that you refer to me, I will offer them $50 off of my standard rates! Please let them know that my rates will be going up in January, so if they book me by the end of the year (including a signed contract and paid retainer), I can lock them into a better rate!

What’s in it for you?Bound Copy

One of the items I offer my couples is a beautifully bound hard-copy of their wedding ceremony, printed in an elegant font on textured paper. I offer this to my clients for $50, but if you refer someone to me and they book me, I will offer it to you for free! (Yes, I still have your ceremony saved on my computer!) To refer me, please pass on the link to my Contact page and ask them to fill out the form.

Another offer for you!

If you don’t know anyone who is getting married, but you are still interested in having a bound copy of your ceremony, you can still order one for $50. Just let me know. HOWEVER, if you leave or have already left me a review on both and, I will offer it to you for $25!

I thank you once again for all you are to me!

Many Blessings in Love,
Rev. Brian