Ceremonies & Services

2012-08-11 Van Valkenburg - CROPPED 2Couples will come to me to officiate their wedding for a variety of different reasons. Perhaps they are of differing faiths, or their own faith will not allow them to be married according to its doctrines. Many of my clients consider themselves to be “spiritual, but not religious.” Or some want a secular service, but something more special than they would get from a Justice of the Peace.

Upon inquiry, I interview each of my clients to find out what kind of service they want. Once I enter into contract with them, I will provide them with some sample ceremonies, a few past ceremonies, plus other resources from which they can pick and choose whatever resonates with them.

A wedding ceremony simply requires a statement of intent to be married from two consenting adults, at least two witnesses, and a declaration of the union. Commonly there is also a processional, some opening words, perhaps a reading or two, an exchange of an item of worth (usually rings), and a recessional. Occasionally some couples will add additional elements such as a Unity Candle Ceremony, or a Sand Ceremony, Hand Fasting Ceremony, Butterfly Release Ceremony, or any other beautiful ceremony that further enhances the overall wedding. I can also add any cultural traditions into the ceremony upon request.

If you have any kind of theme ceremony you’d like to plan, I will gladly do what I can to provide a ceremony that fits the theme.

To get an idea of some of my basic ceremonies, here are a few samples. I will gladly share more with with you once we enter into contract. Please note that any readings, vows, prayers and any other ceremony elements can be changed, rearranged, substituted, deleted or added as necessary.

Basic Ceremony #1 (More secular in tone.)
Basic Ceremony #2 (More spiritual/religious in tone, non-denominational. Has references to God, or use any word you choose.)
Basic Cereomny #3/Same-Sex Ceremony (Originally designed as a Civil Union Ceremony, in truth it works wonderfully for opposite-sex weddings too!)
Catholic-Style Ceremony – Shorter
Catholic-Style Ceremony – Longer
Interfaith Ceremony (Jewish/Christian)
Short & Sweet Ceremony
Vow Renewal Ceremony
Baby Blessing Celebration