Wedding Ceremony Questionnaire

Isetts 2013-07-20 07Thank you for booking me! In order to best prepare your ceremony, please fill out the following details below. Please do be as precise and complete as possible, as I will refer to this form while preparing your ceremony.

Please note that some questions are marked as “required” so I can understand best what you are looking for in your ceremony. If there is a question that is marked as “required” but you are not sure of your answer, please simply let me know.

Contact Information:

Basic Information:

Additional Options:

Bound CopyCertificate


Please list the full names and phone numbers of the witnesses who will sign your Marriage License. (NJ requires two. I ask for phone numbers in case there are any issues with the license after the wedding.)

Please list the full names of the participants in your wedding party.

Ceremony Information:

Preferred Attire for Minister? (Check all that apply)

If you are selecting the the Deluxe, Premium or Completely Customized Packages, please select from the following options for ceremony elements you might want for your wedding, and provide additional information where requested.

(Samples of the following ceremonies are available upon request:)

You can also e-mail me directly at or call me at 973-272-3860


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