All-Faith Funerals

Serving all families, of all faiths.

Life is precious. When we lose someone we love, we want to honor and celebrate that life in the best way possible.

That way is different for every life, and every family.

I will design a touching, memorable service that honors your loved one, based on your specifications. My goal is to commemorate all of the love, the laughs, the tears and the memories of this cherished life, and to foster the expression all of the emotions that your family needs to express in the moment.

Ceremonies range from religious, spiritual, interfaith to completely secular. I serve all families, regardless of culture, background or lifestyle.

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About Rev. Brian

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I was ordained as a Universal Life Church minister in December, 2005 with the initial intent to officiate weddings. Over the course of time, I was asked to perform other celebrations, such as baby blessings and memorials, utilizing my skills in writing customized, personal ceremonies to such life events.

While I have not attended a seminary, I do take my ordination very seriously, as I have been on a very spiritual path for a number of years. I am currently a Licensed Prayer Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living, having studied advanced courses on affirmative prayer for several years in order to build a practice working with clients in need. I am also a Level III Kundalini Reiki master.


“Rev. Brian presided for my parents’ and brother’s memorial. Although he had never met them, it was as if he had known them all his life. Rev. Brian emits a heavenly spirituality that calmed and inspired our family and friends; a gentle yet grounding leadership that saw us all through a challenging time.”
– Loretta Darling Nicola, Wantage, New Jersey

“When Rev. Brian officiated my mother-in-law’s Celebration of Life party, he took great care to make his words unique and special to the moment.  His words were chosen carefully and specifically to match the uniqueness of the person and occasion.  Peg Hendrickx was sent off with kind and tender words that showed the love she had for those close to her, as well as the passion she had for causes close to her heart, along with the sense of humor she displayed to others throughout her whole life.”
– Peter Quilla, Matawan, New Jersey

“When asked to speak at my mom’s memorial, Rev. Brian had no hesitation. He had an amazing way of connecting with her through me.”
– Marie Hedberg, Manchester, New Jersey