Meet Rev. Brian

14457481_587986724735474_5884071968041347405_nI was ordained as a Universal Life Church minister in December, 2005. I became ordained because I simply love weddings! I love being such a special part of a couple’s special day, helping them prepare for it, and making sure they experience one of the absolutely most amazing, blessed and beautiful moments in their lives!

I was once married back in 2000 as part of an interfaith marriage – I was a practicing Unitarian Universalist at the time, and my wife was a Conservative Jew. We designed our ceremony together, culling from several traditions, and that’s when I discovered my passion for designing ceremonies.

A few years later, I attended an old friend’s wedding, and I discovered that his officiant became ordained just to do his wedding. My initial thought was, “You can do that???” I knew that I had to become ordained as well!

2014-09-07 DanziWhile I have not attended a seminary, I do take my ordination very seriously, as I have been on a very spiritual path for a number of years. I am currently a Licensed Prayer Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living, having studied advanced courses on affirmative prayer for several years in order to build a practice working with clients in need.

When I am not working with wedding clients on one of the most important and blessed moments of their lives, I also work as an independent film and video producer/director/writer, an actor, a musician, and a variety of other part-time and freelance vocations. I am also a Level III Kundalini Reiki master.

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