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New Trends for Flower Girls In Weddings (from NYC’s Ch. 7 Eyewitness News)

Here’s a great story which ran recently on NYC’s WABC 7’s Eyewitness News:

(Original text & video at http://7online.com/fashion/new-trends-for-flower-girls-in-weddings/427388/)


Tuesday, December 09, 2014 10:28AM

December is the most popular month to get engaged, which means many couples will be planning weddings.

Now a new look at some of the growing trends on how to involve little ones in the nuptials.

“It’s more about the barnyard wedding, rustic outdoor wedding,” said Jamie Miles, of TheKnot.com.

Jamie Miles of The Knot knows all about wedding trends. December is a popular month for engagements and couples will start planning right away, and one big trend involves getting creative with the setting and the youngest members of the wedding party, the ring bearer and the flower girls.

“If they’re having a nautical wedding you might see a really cute anchor on top of the flower girl dress, or you might see the flower girl wearing a tulle skirt with a T-shirt, you know something really cute but different,” Miles said.

Instead of flowers, flower girls may even walk down the aisle with a prop or a hand printed sign.

Opt for comfy footwear or no shoes if it’s a beach wedding, and whatever you choose for them, remember the itch factor.

“Make sure they are trying on the article of clothing that they will be wearing so that they are comfortable in it, it’s going to show on their face if they aren’t comfortable in what they are wearing,” Miles said.

Meanwhile, these little girls are picture perfect. Their dresses are from the Kleinfeld Pink label, inspired by the popular wedding gown shop.

“It’s every kind of specialty dress, it’s everything from flower girls, to holiday, to first communion which is going to roll out in spring 2015,” said Terry Hall, of Kleinfeld Bridal.

So for that more traditional, black tie wedding, Terry Hall says to find a dress similar to the bride’s note the floral detail in both gowns.

In one example, it’s about the stripes, but for more glamour go for rhinestones on the flower girl and crystals on the bride, as though the flower girl is a mini bride.

“We’re doing organza, we’re doing a lot of color, we’re doing metalics, very feminine soft fabrics that are similar to what a bride would wear,” Hall said.

Kleinfeld Pink prices go up to $200. The dresses are not sold at Kleinfeld, but at department stores like Bloomingdale’s and Saks.

For more information please visit: http://www.kleinfeldpink.com/


June 24, 2013 – Don’t Forget the Props!

A great wedding is often enhanced by special ceremonies within the ceremony. A popular favorite is a Unity Candle Ceremony. More and more I am seeing Sand Ceremonies, Wine Ceremonies, Hand-Fasting Ceremonies, Rose Ceremonies, even “Jumping-the-Broom” ceremonies. Some stem from various cultural traditions, others have symbolism that resonate well with what the couples feel for each other and for their marriage, and can add a touch of that little something extra, which makes the wedding even more beautiful and more memorable.

A word of caution, however: If you’re going to include additional ceremonies, be sure to arrange for whatever accessories are needed!

If you’re doing a Unity Candle Ceremony, order a set from a bridal shop that comes with everything – a pillar candle, two tapers, and all three holders. If you prefer not to go with a ready-made Unity Candle set, get candle holders that are sturdy and unlikely to tip over. And just in case a candle does tip over and fall, it might be a good idea to bring a spare or two – I’ve seen tapers break after being dropped.

unityoption3It can also be very symbolic if the pillar is taller than the tapers, as the greater height of the center candle depicts the belief that together the couple can become more than either could alone.

Also, if you’re going to do a Unity Candle Ceremony outside, rest assured that there’s a 90% chance that the simplest breeze will blow the candles out. A good option might be to invest in hurricane shields to keep the flames going. Just be sure that they are easy to maneuver, as you’ll be using the tapers to light the pillar. Frans Candles has some great options to choose from!

Also be sure to have a really good, strong, well-fueled candle lighter, and make sure it’s easy for your mother (or whomever is lighting the tapers) to use. Many lighters have a complex safety lock that’s great for preventing Little Johnny from burning down the house, but it might also prevent dear old Mom from lighting your taper!

If you’re doing a Rose Ceremony, be sure to order roses from your florist – as well as the baskets and rose pedals for the flower girl!

If you’re doing a Sand Ceremony, think about creative ways you can use different colored sand. If you and/or your betrothed already have children, different colored sand can be a wonderful way to include them, creating a decoration that reflects the entire family, not just the bride and groom.

If you are incorporating the Jewish tradition of breaking the wine glass, make sure it is wrapped well in a strong cloth. A cloth napkin should suffice. (I have friends who neglected to wrap the glass at their wedding – the bride ended up with cuts on her legs!)  Many couples opt to use a light bulb instead of the actual wine glass, and save their Kiddish glass for future use. Light bulbs tend to be safer and create a louder pop. A small, refrigerator bulb works best. But please, whatever you do, do NOT use a CFL bulb!  They are filled with more mercury than you really want to be exposed to…

If all of this is too much to remember as you prepare for your big day, assign someone you trust to act as your wedding coordinator to remember all of it for you. Or, better yet, hire a professional coordinator! (See my Links and Listings page for some of my preferred coordinators!)

Rev. Brian

June 5, 2013 – Time to Get This Blog A-Rolling!

When I launched my web site, I wasn’t sure if I’d include a blog. I didn’t know just what I’d include that doesn’t already get posted on Facebook or Twitter.

Strangely, a few ideas popped into my head this week – some helpful hints that I’ll be sharing, “Another Happy Couple” stories that expand beyond my usual congratulations, other happenings, updates, offers and, well, whatever seems appropriate to share!

So for today, I’ll start with some updates & happenings!

First, I need to give a tremendous HUZZAH and THANK YOU to Ships Ahoy by Jen! Jen Ponton just designed new promo cards for me, and the shipment of them came in today! Here’s what they look like:

PromoCardsFrontPromoCardsBackJen set me up with an account on VistaPrint, which offered me sweet a deal on business cards, so I ordered some of them as well, and they came in today too!

BizCardsThe timing was PERFECT, as I needed to mail these materials today to the awesome Marni Gold for the Women in Weddings Conference, as I am a Swag Bag Sponsor! I’m very grateful to have my services advertised to women in the Tri-State Area who work in the wedding industry, from newbies to veterans!

Well, that’s it for now. I look forward to blogging my next post soon!

Rev. Brian